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  • Addiction

    Addiction is not something we choose. Addiction is using alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, food, or even love, to cope with our extreme emotions. Addiction is like having your hand on a hot stove and the only thing that can give you any relief from that searing pain, is tragically what is killing us.

  • Sobriety

    Many of us need more than detox, and rehab. Most of us need years of therapy, compassion, and love. You will feel hopeless, lost, exhausted, and ready to give up. NEVER FORGET, your next attempt at sobriety can be the one that catapults you into an entirely new life. A life where you are in control.

  • Recovery

    You can recover. Keep reaching out. You can break through the pain. One day at a time becomes a lifetime of stability. You are here for a reason. Take your pain and use it like the superpower it becomes. Find sobriety anyway you can and then use that superpower to help others shine like a diamond.

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